The art of making ceramics is very old. Originally, this term was primarily used to describe burnt clay. In this way, our ancestors obtained dishes or jewellery. Over the centuries, however, the term has evolved - currently we define by it inorganic and non-metallic materials that were created through thermal treatment.

Clay ceramics jewellery

Ceramics is a material quite popular among handicraftsmen. We can find many artisans who offer their products from this material on the Internet, at fairs or at street markets. However, just at first glance, you can see that the elements made by our workshop usually look different.

The most commonly chosen material for production is clay well-known for many of us. This popular material can be formed in many ways and painted in fancy patterns. Covered with beautiful ornaments and enamel, it hides its true nature.

However, traditional clay has many drawbacks, in particular related to strength. First of all - it crumbles easily. It is not resistant to mechanical damage. This causes that despite the use of enamel, the products are scratched or cavities are formed. Crushing or stretching the element made of clay can even lead to serious damage. Jewellery is often close to us and can be exposed to various, sometimes extreme situations. This makes the clay elements often have a short life.

Jewellery from high tech ceramics

The development of technology has allowed us to obtain modern materials, including high tech ceramics. High resistance means that it is readily used in medicine. However, the versatility and aesthetic value of this material made me together with my wife to decide to use it in our arts workshop.

In our workshop, we only make original projects. Thanks to this, our clients can enjoy unique jewellery made of very resistant and amazingly looking material. High tech ceramics also lets us create translucent elements or very thin elements that do not break.

Working with ceramics enables to achieve amazing colour effects due to oxyapatites content, colouring and painting capabilities. In addition, ceramic jewellery often has a unique, fantastic aesthetics - it's hard to confuse it with anything else.

Thanks to high tech ceramics unique and extraordinary products are obtained. Emphasise your individuality and uniqueness with amazing decorations. A jewelry with a certificate of authenticity will allow you to enjoy an exceptional product without limits - our customers can be sure of that.