Many people still associate jewellery with metal. However, ceramics also attracts more and more people. But what is ceramic jewellery really and why is it more and more willingly worn?

Unique design of ceramic jewellery

Ceramics is a grateful material. It makes it possible to create elements with a unique design. Smooth surface, unique colours and decorations make the ceramic jewellery stand out from the one made of metal.

In our workshop we take handfuls of the opportunities offered by working with ceramics. Each piece of jewellery is made of a unique, individual design. With ceramics we can achieve unique shapes - in fact, only our imagination limits us. We use the best quality materials - this way we get smooth and really durable jewellery.

We create our products manually from beginning to end. We give our customers the fruit of hard artistic and craft work of our hands. Thanks to this, our jewellery is "imperfect" and therefore unique.

We put our heart and passion into our work. When you wear jewellery made by us, you can be sure that it is not one of many products made by some machine. At each stage, we use our enthusiasm and skills.

An undoubted advantage of ceramics is that not only it can be formed into unique shapes, but it can also be coloured, decorated and painted in many unique ways - in contrast to metals used in jewellery sector. In our workshop we achieve exceptional, often multidimensional colours of our products. We often make decorations or even unique paintings on our jewellery.

The convenience of wearing ceramic jewellery

In addition to special design and wide range of decorations, ceramic jewellery is very comfortable to wear. Many people who suffer from allergies go for it because it does not trigger allergic reactions. It quickly reaches body temperature which significantly affects the comfort. Well-made ceramic jewellery also has smooth, uniform, pleasant to the touch surface. But the most important feature that affects the comfort of wearing is the durability of our products.

Ceramic jewellery is commonly described as resistant to abrasion and crushing. However, bad selection of materials or poorly conducted manufacturing process can reduce the life of products. We use the best high tech ceramics. Thanks to this, it is resistant to mechanical damage, especially scratches. This is a big difference compared to classic metal products. Ceramic jewellery will look good all the time it is used - regardless of the conditions in which it will be worn.

Ceramic jewellery - unique and durable

Ceramic jewellery combines a phenomenal, extraordinary look and high resistance to crushing, abrasion and stretching. This amazing combination makes it gain more and more supporters and admirers. The mixture of comfort and extraordinary design effectively attracts people to it. The versatility of this material means that everyone will find something for themselves.