Why Us

The choice of ceramic jewellery is quite wide - it is easy to find creators present on the market for many years and offering products at competitive prices. How do we stand out from them?

Popular ceramic jewellery made by other artisans is nothing more than an oven-baked clay. These products, although certainly beautiful, are fragile. They crumble or wear off easily. You can destroy them easily by squeezing or stretching.
Our workshop uses so-called high tech ceramics. It is used for instance in medical sector. It is characterised by very high resistance to bending, stretching, abrasion or atmospheric factors. This is confirmed by a lifetime guarantee that we give for our products.

High tech ceramics also allows us to achieve unique aesthetic qualities. Thanks to the oxyapatites contained in it, it has the properties of absorption and reflection of light. In combination with numerous colouring and decorating options, this allows us to obtain an amazing effect.
Thanks to high resistance to mechanical damage, using high tech ceramics we are able to prepare thin elements without the risk of breaking. We can also create transparent elements similar to glass. We combine the ceramics with the Co-Cr alloy (cobalt-chromium), which also has high durability.

In our workshop, exceptional aesthetics meet with incredible resistance. Each item has its own number, a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime guarantee. Our jewellery is unique and extraordinary, and above all - made with passion.