1 - How is the product different from the ceramic jewellery available on the market?
Our products differ mainly in the quality of the material. Our material is translucent. The depth of colour can be extracted from it. It is resistant to bending and abrasion. It contains oxyapatites, thanks to which in the light we get a sensational effect. Our products are characterised by unprecedented smoothness and gloss.
2 - How long does the work take?
From 1 month upwards depending on the level of difficulty and workload.
3 - Is there a stationary store somewhere?
At the moment, no. (on-line store or collection is also possible)
4 - What determines the price of the product?
The price of the product depends on the size and time devoted to the completion, as well as the degree of difficulty
6 - Are the silver elements  of the pendant silver?
This is not silver. It is a Co-Cr alloy
7 - Can ceramics be combined with gold?
Yes, we will present products combined with gold in the near future.
8 - What is included in the PREMIUM LINE product?
A ceramic product elegantly packaged with extras such as: a cloth, a glass containing an engraver and a certificate.
9 - Can I order 2 identical products?
Yes, but they can differ slightly
10 - How far can the performance differ from the design?
It all depends on what project it is about.